Tips to properly store and keep your sneakers clean

Storing sneakers is an important part of keeping things tidy. The yellowing of the sole and the sinking of the upper is something that you really don't want as a sneaker enthusiast. That is why Customsneaker has put together a number of tips especially for you so that you can safely store your sneakers!

  1. Moisture is the greatest enemy . Prolonged exposure to moisture is bad for your sneakers, especially if they lie still unprotected! You probably have the tendency to immediately throw away the shoe box in which they are delivered. Do not! This is the easiest and cheapest way to keep your sneakers looking good for a long time. Stock them in the original box!
  2. Keep the shape . This is possible with shoe trees from, for example, the Ikea. Something that you get with your original when you buy sneakers are the paper plugs (free shoe trees) that are in your sneakers. These are also useful if you want to keep your sneakers tidy. The plugs ensure that the sneakers do not collapse when they are stored. The plugs ensure that the model always keeps its shape.
  3. Clean your sneakers before storing them. This can be done with a damp cloth or when they are extremely dirty with a KIWI protector. This is an important part because this will prevent the dirt from implanting. So first clean and then store your shoes!
  4. Store sneakers in a dark place in a room where you can control the temperature. At tip 1 we talked about moisture. In a garage, shed or basement, moisture has free rein to attack your sneakers. There are perfect places to store your sneakers under your bed in the bedroom or in your wardrobe.
  5. Moisture absorbers are bags that protect your product against moisture. Moisture eaters are also the ideal partner for your sneakers. Storing a maximum of 2 bags in the shoe box tackles the last bit of moisture hard. Storing your shoes without moisture scavengers is possible, but they are a must for the real sneaker freak!
  6. No more shoe box? With the action of the Xenos you can buy a plastic box for about 5 euros that is exactly big enough for a pair of sneakers. Also looks bold!