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Moos (14) customized sneakers and has a queue of customers

Moos of 14 years old is also called "Mr. Mozartist" . He is known for his unique sneakers that people love. Moos is in the media college, in the third grade of VMBO. As soon as he leaves school, the sketch pad appears immediately. Moos is very creative, his fantasy brings him new ideas for designs.

Annet Sabandar, Moos his mother, has posted a photo of the unique shoes on LinkedIn. This photo has reached more than 520,000 people, after which the likes, comments and orders just came in. Moos exploded his instagram page. His mother received several emails from people who wanted to buy custom sneakers for their own children. Moos couldn't handle all this, and Moos and his mother put the brakes on it.

Queue and alternative

Moos has eleven orders until mid-June, after which there is a waiting list . Moos only works on weekends, as school simply goes for it. The shoes are sent to Moos or given to Moos' mother. Moos is on average one to three days busy with customizing. Customers can choose from a theme such as Fortnite or a certain color. In addition, customers are also free to choose a own design . Moos buys new things from the proceeds and can use it to become even better. He will soon register as "Mr. Moz" at the Chamber of Commerce.

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Faster alternative

This beautiful inspirational story only brings the hype to custom sneakers to the next level. Soon everyone wants to walk around with unique shoes. At Moos there is a queue, at not yet. With us there is a choice of different designs developed by our own team, there is also the possibility of a own design on

Be quick, because gone = gone.