Can sneakers be used in the washing machine?

Cleaning the sneakers step 1
First of all you remove the laces from your sneakers, you can put the laces and the sneakers separately in the washing machine. Remove the coarse pieces of mud and dirt from your sneakers, which you can easily remove with a brush. Grab a cotton swab or a pen to pick the pieces of dirt out of the grooves of your sneakers. Usually this is only necessary on the sole of your sneakers but in some cases you can also apply this on the top (upper) of your sneakers.

Cleaning the sneakers step 2 < / strong>
For the pre-treatment you can very well use a cotton ball or a ball of cotton wool. Pour some alcohol on it and rub it gently over the surface of your sneakers before you put them in the washing machine. With suede sneakers it is very advisable to dab instead of rubbing to prevent ugly spots.

Sneakers wash step 3
If the most obvious dirt has been wiped off your sneakers you can now put your sneakers in the washing machine together with your laces. Then add your favorite detergent. Set the water temperature to cold. This is to prevent the shrinking of your sneakers and to keep the colors well in tact. At warmer temperatures, the colors may fade.

Please note!
When you have finished washing, remove the sneakers from the washing machine and put / hang you put them in a moderately light spot. NEVER place your sneakers in direct sunlight! This too can make your sneakers shrink and discolor. The dryer is also prohibited area for your newly washed sneakers. Let your sneakers dry gently. You can optionally put a clean white cotton towel or some white paper loosely into the sneakers while drying, so that they retain the original shapes and can absorb the excess water. Do not use newspapers for this, as they can give ink stains. Don't be surprised if your sneakers are not completely dry after 24 hours. It can take from hours to sometimes days before your sneakers are completely dry again.

Put your laces back in your sneakers and wear them as if they were never dirty!