Do you suffer from blisters on your foot? View these tips!

Blisters are a common problem with sneaker wearers! With the next "sneaker hack" this is a thing of the past! With the Heel lock or also called Lace Lock, you ensure that your sneakers fit perfectly so that there is no friction.

Many sneakers have one last hole at the end of the lace holes that is used by virtually no one . On the Nike Air Max you will definitely find it again! Guess what! The latter lace-hole is to create a so-called "very lock". The whole or lace lock ensures that your foot stays in 1 place and does not slip on the back. And it is precisely these slippers that create the blisters on your heel.

Make the whole lock;

Step 1 . Lace up your shoe until the last but one hole. Make "no" bow of course! Then grab the end of the lace and turn it back to the top hole on the same side. From the outside in. Do the same on the other side.

Step 2 . Cross the laces from both sides to the other side. If you have performed step 1 correctly, you should have a "loop" on both sides of the sneaker. After this you put the end ends of the laces through the loops.

Step 3 . Tighten the laces. You will immediately feel a big difference, because the sneaker is now a lot tighter at the top. After this you can tie the sneakers.

The combination of the tightly pulled laces and the tongue of the sneaker ensure that your foot is "down" pressed. But not in a way that makes it feel uncomfortable. If the whole lock feels annoying, try tying the shoelaces a little looser. If you have done it correctly, the "lace locks" will hardly be visible.